COD Zombie fans can be pleased: allegedly comes Chronicles 2

Call of Duty has already brought us a lot of zombie fun for a small eternity. Koop mode is particularly popular and could soon celebrate a pleasing, very special comeback. Allegedly, COD Zombies Chronicles 2 is already in the starting blocks. A successor to the extension could ideally even bring all previous zombies maps bundled back and shine.

Call of Duty: Zombies Chronicles 2 could bring all old zombie maps as Remaster

It's about it: Allegedly plans Activision a zombies Chronicles 2. The extension would be a new chronicle of the previous zombies maps that could again recreate new, fresh and in a beautiful graphics - a real treat, after which Zombies veterans are the Being fingers.

What is Chronicles? Call of Duty: Zombies Chronicles was released as an extension to Cod Black Ops 3. There were various zombies map classics like night of the undead, Shi No Nua, Cinema of the Dead and Shangri-La. And as HD-Remaster with much chic artwork, but some maps were missing. This could make part 2 much better and bring back all old cards to a blow.

How and when could it come? According to the sources of dual stools or Tom Henderson, the zombies maps are to be finished and waiting only on the starting signal of Activision. However, it remains unclear whether a Zombies Chronicles 2 should still appear for Black Ops: Cold was to be published or may not be published with the successor. Conceivable would be a free extension in both, but probably only in the coming year.

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Do not be pleased too soon! Even if Tom Henderson is a generally reliable source with regard to Call of Duty, that does not have to mean. However, the rumors are long and persistent, but still applies: As long as there are no official confirmations, you should enjoy the whole thing with caution.

Do you want Zombies Chronicles 2? Which map is you missing the most?


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